The Gospel Creek Recordings

This is our latest recording: Cross 'N' The Creek

  1. Right Road Home -Rich Ferguson
  2. Just Want To Thank You Lord -Judy Marshall
  3. Be Still - Rich Ferguson
  4. Waltz Across Canaan -Rich Ferguson
  5. Amazing Grace - John Newton
  6. Trouble The Waters -Mona Ramsey
  7. The Old Crossroads -Bill Monroe
  8. Cross ‘N’ The Creek -Rich Ferguson
  9. Will I Know Who To Look For -Rich Ferguson
  10. Daniel Prayed -G.T. Speer
  11. Create In Me -P.D.
  12. The Man On The Mule -Joe Isaacs
  13. Let The Spirit Descend -P.D.
  14. What Kind Of Man -P.D.
  15. I’ll Be Looking For You -Mona Ramsey
  16. Gospel Creek -Rich Ferguson
  17. Every Humble Knee -P.D.

This is our first recording: The Gospel Creek Bluegrass Band

  1. Jericho Breakdown- Rich Ferguson
  2. Kneel At The Cross- Louvin Bros.
  3. Sweet Hour Of Prayer- W.Bradbury/W. Walford
  4. The First Command- Rich Ferguson
  5. Get In Line Brother- Lester Flatt
  6. The Man In The Middle- T.H. Campbell
  7. What If My Savior Never Died- Rich Ferguson
  8. Gospel Creek- Rich Ferguson
  9. Runnin’ From The Devil- Rich Ferguson
  10. Goin’ Up- Gosdin Bros.
  11. My Heart Was Made- Rich Ferguson
  12. Lord Build Me A Cabin- Curtis Stewart
  13. Won’t You Come Unto Me- Rich Ferguson
  14. I Just Steal Away And Pray- Albert Brumley
  15. Get A Transfer- M & J Dowling
  16. Shoutin’ On The Hills- C. Stanley
Both of our CD's were professionally recorded at Spirit Wind Studio in Hayward, California. Both engineered by Grammy Award winner Jim Hawthorn.

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Review fromThe California Bluegrass Association Reviewed by: B Hough 3/17/2006 12:00:00 AM Gospel Creek: Cross ‘N’ the Creek ©2005

Song list: Right Road Home, Just Want To Thank You Lord, Be Still, Waltz Across Canaan, Amazing Grace, Trouble the Waters, The Old Cross Roads, Cross ‘N The Creek, Will I Know Who To Look For, Daniel Prayed, Create in Me, The Man on the Mule, Let The Spirit Descend, What Kind of Man, I’ll Be Looking For You, Gospel Creek, Every Humble Knee.
Gospel Creek is a Bay Area based band with gentle and soaring harmonies and superb instrumental work on banjo, fiddle, guitar, dobro, bass and mandolin. Rich Ferguson leads the band with his velvety smooth baritone and he is joined by sisters Debra Ferguson and Carol Lemos who have captured the best of church choir singing and sibling harmony in the bluegrass tradition. Together all three voices blend and their version of “Create In Me” has echoes of the very best Simon and Garfunkel harmonies. “Be Still” was written by Rich and his melodic banjo, Ray Dawley’s crisp mandolin licks and Jill Cruey’s fiddling underscore the lilting quality of the song. Rich also wrote “Right Road Home” which proves you can have a hard-driving gospel song with love of car and love of the Lord together. Rich also plays dobro and his expressive playing gives a sweet flavor to the instrumental “Waltz Across Canaan” and plenty of punch to “Cross N The Creek.” The group pulls out all the stops in an up tempo version of “Amazing Grace” with powerful guitar rhythm and fast fiddle bowing. Bill Monroe’s “The Old Cross Roads” has plenty of banjo and mandolin rhythm with some fine guitar runs from Carol Lemos. The album has 17 songs including six written by Rich and hopefully we won’t have to wait nine more years for this fine group’s third album.

Review from Cross N the Creek ***** by R. EJijah

I love both Gospel and Bluegrass, but find few commercial attempts that combine the two. Sure there is lots of Country/Gospel, not little authentic Blue Grass/Gospel. This one is great; it is genuine blue-grass with a real Appalachian feel and gospel theme and lyrics. Id expect to find this music in a small white frame church it the mountains of East TN or western NC. Every song on the album is superb and I hope this group is working on their next one and perhaps a tour east.

Reviews from CD Baby:

"BlueGrass got Blessed"
author: Mary Ann Russell

This CD was my first in Bluegrass Music and not only the Songs are well written with the lords word in mind! They are Great Performers!! & Rich "Mr.Funny Guy" his Joke's are Funnier @ each Gig! LoL!! Keep up the funny!! Im Blessed in knowing both Debra & Rich through our Sunday School Class @ Redwood. I Promote this CD and ALL of their Spiritual & non-Spiritual Songs. You All are GREAT!! Thank You!! My favorit is "Humble Knee" & "Danial Prayed" &...... few more anyway!! When #3 cd out??

------A Blessing Indeed!
author: M. Doering

Good old toe tapping, heart stirring gospel music that will remind you of that little country Church Grandma took you to when you were a kid. A Prayer in itself. Well done!

Thank you, my search is over
author: Jay Boddie

As a child In church, I remember My step grand father singing Let The Spirit Descend. after he passed away I had been searching for the words to the song, when I came across this web site and found your cd I knew I had to have it. the cd is great and I listen to It every day.

author: Irene Dean

If you like gospel bluegrass you'll like this one.